Bonnie Horrigan


For those of you who know me, you understand that I have a deep interest in spirituality and how such things as individual and collective consciousness and the numinous or divine realms affect the seen world. Most of my adult life has involved activities that enable me to explore the questions of who we are and how we are connected to each other, to God, and to the unfolding future.  This web site is dedicated to that pursuit.

I believe that we are, in essence, spiritual beings and that what we do with our lives here on earth matters not only in the here and now but also in the vast expanse of eternity.

During the course of my life, I have been fortunate enough to meet a host of learned, wise and compassionate people who have expanded both my heart and mind.  As a journalist I have interviewed and published many of the conversations that I have had with these great minds.  As a freelance writer, I have written articles about the topics we discussed.

Aside from my journalism, I have authored three books — Red Moon Passage: The Power and Wisdom of Menopause (Harmony Books 1996); Voices of Integrative Medicine: Conversations and Encounters (Churchill Livingstone 2003); and The Bravewell Story: How a Small Community of Philanthropists Made a Big Difference in Healthcare (Academic Consortium 2016)I have also co-authored four national reports for The Bravewell Collaborative, a network of philanthropists interested in improving healthcare.  In 201l, we published the findings of a national study for which I was the lead author called, Integrative Medicine in America: How Integrative Medicine is Being Practiced in Clinical Centers Across the Nation.  Most recently, we published a white paper on leadership — The Pebble in the Pond: How Integrative Leadership Can Bring About Transformative Change.  All of these reports can be downloaded at

I was the executive director of The Bravewell Collaborative ( until the time of their closing in June 2015.  I am currently the editorial director for EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing (; part of the faculty for the Leadership Program in Integrative Medicine at Duke University (; and editor of the Academic Consortium’s e-newsletter, Breaking News Briefing.  All of these endeavors fill my heart and allow me to pursue my interests.

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